21 Palestinians killed as Israel pounds Gaza on Wednesday

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli fire killed at least 21 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday as the Jewish state said it targeted Islamist militants at dozens of sites across the coastal enclave, while Egyptian mediators prepared a revised ceasefire proposal.

Source: feeds.reuters.com
Libya militias seize Benghazi base

A special forces base in Libya has been seized by militias, the fighters and officials say, as a blaze continues at a fuel depot in the capital Tripoli.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Los Angeles flood hits university

A burst water main causes flooding along Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard at the University of California, Los Angeles, officials say.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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Science Is Changing What It Means to Be Dead

Judith Shulevitz, TNR
There are worse ways to die than by freezing. To be sure, it#194;#146;s extremely unpleasant, but only for a while. At first, the cold gnaws at your skin, which soon goes slightly numb, the blood shunted away from the surface to protect your inner organs. Your body shakes as it tries to gin up heat, your heartbeat quickens, your breath comes faster, but the farther your body temperature drops from its usual 98-plus degrees, the less you feel or understand. At about five degrees below normal, you develop amnesia.

Source: www.realclearpolitics.com

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Strange Things Are Happening In Hungary's Banking Sector

The Hungarian banking system has been a thorn in the Hungarian government's side for quite some time. A large proportion of it is foreign-owned, which makes it more likely that there would be outflows of capital and restriction of essential lending activity in a crisis. And, of course, it's more difficult to coerce foreign-owned banks into doing things that the government wants, such as cheap lending to favored borrowers and buying up government debt.

Source: www.forbes.com

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